Startup Wise Guy Acceleration

Meet our partners: Startup Wise Guys!

Startup Wise Guys BusinessTech focuses on B2B & Software and is based in Tallinn, Estonia. The BusinessTech program is based on the traditional “Shape, Build, Sell” model with three key aspects.

Sales curriculum:
Sales is one of the most important aspects of running a B2B startup. This is why we bring together top minds from within Estonia and around the world to share knowledge, experience, and provide mentorship to our companies. The curriculum consists of everything from Lead Generation to Scaling your Sales Team to Closing Deals with Enterprises.

With over 70% of our portfolio being from over 30 countries including the UK, South Africa, Argentina, and India, we put an emphasis on communication which is essential when pitching, speaking with investors, building the team, and most importantly sales. Portfolio companies have won pitch competitions such as Virgin, Pioneers, and Pirate Summit. Check out our most recent demo day here.

Investor engagement:
Throughout the course of the program, teams will have countless opportunities to meet investors. Besides the mentoring from top investors in the UK, the rest of the EU, and Estonia as well, the BusinessTech concludes with Investor days in Tallinn and London.

published on December 2, 2015