LIFE host a yearly Failing Forward conference on 14th of October

Failing Forward is an inspirational keynote conference, where seasoned entrepreneurs will give an honest testimonial about the hardships they encountered on their way to success and the lessons learned that got them through, breaking through the stigma associated with failure in Belgium and Europe. Take a look at last years Failing Forward conference to get inspired!

Here’s is also a top five list of reasons why it’s a must-attend event written by our partners from

1- Keynotes That Will Payoff Better Than A Business Book

Failing Forward has confirmed some of Europe’s most dynamic entrepreneurs, many of whom have actively built and grown a remarkable business, despite upsetting defeats. Featured speakers include:

Pol Hauspie – Co-founder of Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products NV, once a global leader in speech-recognition technology. He was found guilty by the Belgian court of fraud violations in the accounting scandal that led to the company’s downfall a decade ago. The L&H trial, which opened in 2007, was Belgium’s largest corporate fraud prosecution. Pol Hauspie and his partner were each given sentences of five years, of which they were expected to serve three. At one point, L&H’s soaring stock price had valued the company at nearly $10 billion.

Filip Nuytemans – General Manager, Uber Belgium- Filip has been at the forefront of the UberPOP expansion, Uber’s most revolutionary product. He will speak about the operational and regulatory challenges faced by UberPOP in Belgium, the first city in Europe willing to properly legalize and integrate UberPOP in the urban transportation environment.

Marc Herremans – Belgian Triathlete – After finishing in 4th place finish in the Ironman of Australia, he secured a place for the 2001 Ironman World Championship held in Hawaii, widely regarded as the toughest triathlon competition in the world. Unfortunately in early 2002, his dream of winning the Ironman was crushed when he broke his back during a bike training. Remarkably, only 3 months after the accident, Marc refused to be discouraged and began training for the Ironman Championship as a wheelchair athlete.

Many more speakers include Cedric Van Branteghem, Cedric Giorgi, Arthur Tolsma and Andy Young.

2- Four Fantastic, Hands-on Workshops To Choose From

Whether you’re just getting started or relentlessly working on growing your business, we have a session for you. By joining a Clinic Session, you will have the chance to discuss, share and learn from fellow entrepreneurs and the expert facilitator. These sessions will offer down-to-earth advice, hands-on approach and interactive discussions on “Startup Sales Mistakes”, “Business Model Hacking”,“Funding and Growth”.

3- One on One Coaching and Mentorship

You will have an unparalleled opportunity to engage on 1 on 1 talks with expert mentors and entrepreneurs. Get feedback on your idea and/or specific inputs on business challenges within 5 areas: Sales & Marketing, Go Global, Funding, Business Model & Strategy and Growth

4- The Best Networking

We expect over 400 participants to join this year. Prior the event, you will be able to connect with participants using the official event app. During the conference, you’ll also enjoy chatting with fellow entrepreneurs and speakers during breakfast, lunch and breaks.

Also, there’re no boxed lunches here. The food and beverage service from The Egg’s meetings and events team is second to none, and they excel in the walking lunch department. Plus, we’ll keep you well-caffeinated to help you keep focused on the killer session content.

5- Celebrate Failure, Learn & Pivot

Rather than simply aspire to success, we want to share the actionable steps that can help you avoid failure. If you are dreaming of success, it is a must you study failure, because “oops” is the mantra of champions. Entrepreneurs learn from their mistakes and pivot their startups to try again and get it right. Most importantly, you’ll leave our event feeling both inspired and excited about moving your business in the right direction. We guarantee it.

published on September 22, 2015