OCCVilnius on “Vilnius Tech Park” @Rupert_Vilnius

OCC Vilnius gathered at Rupert to discuss Vilnius Tech Park with its initiators and supporters.

The speakers who joined us:
• Mayor of Vilnius Artūras Zuokas
• Darius Žakaitis, the initiator of Vilnius Tech Park, told why everything was started and how to become a member of the Park.
• Arkadij Bliumin, Head of Marketing Division (B2B) at TEO, presented TEO HUB – over 100 workspaces co-working for startups with cutting-edge IT infrastructure at Vilnius Tech Park.
• Project architects: Aurimas Sasnauskas and Sla Malenko (www.a2sm.lt) presented intermediate Vilnius Tech Park plans, possible workplaces, the general concept of insight design. Diana Sabaliauskienė (www.smartas.lt) provided some historical facts and presented plans to make the Campus solid from the outside.
• Companies and startups who signed up to be the 1st tenants also gave their impressions.

published on January 29, 2015